Kronsaalsweg, Hamburg

Type: Gesamte Apartment
Preis €2263
Verfügbar 15-06-2024
Adresse Kronsaalsweg
Wohnungseigentum 2 m²
Postleitzahl 22525
Stadt Hamburg

Registration only possible from a rental period of 3 months! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Couples staying in our secondary apartment won’t get too close during their weekend trips or month-long stays in Hamburg – unless, of course, they really want to. With 24 m2 of space in a single room , one of you can whip something up in the kitchen or do something creative while the other works at the desk or enjoys a nap in front of the TV. There’s even an extra-comfy armchair for you to sprawl across and fully enjoy your nap. The desk conveniently doubles as a dining table with all...

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